Ares Galaxy

Ares galaxy is a free chat program and open source bittorrent client that allows the users to share digital files over the internet.

Ares galaxy is a free chat program and open source bittorrent client that allows the users to share digital files over the internet, such as images, video, software or documents. It is now easy to publish and issue files over the excellent peer-to-peer network of Ares galaxy. Once you connect to the virtual community, you can download and search any and every file that is shared by your peers on the Ares galaxy network. The added benefit of Ares Galaxy is that unlike the basic version of Ares, the updated Ares Galaxy has support for online radio stations. With Ares Galaxy, it is possible to join various chat rooms or you can create a channel of your own.


Features of Ares galaxy

Improved Search results: Unlike other torrent sites, Ares galaxy has a spectacular search engine. All you have to do is to click on the navigation bar at the top of the page. You will be surely thrilled by the massive quantity of content that is available on the site. The music category displays the most search results.

Good Download speed: the download speed is very impressive on the Ares Galaxy network; videos Images, songs and eBooks download within a matter of minutes. Usually the number of resources for a general music file is very large so it is very easy to download a large file in matter of minutes. The basic advantage of using Ares galaxy is that it can effectively search for more resources and download the files from multiple users at a time. Ares galaxy requires no configuration and works efficiently with no firewalls.

Chat rooms: Creating a chat channel on the internet has never been easier before the advent of Ares. While downloading video and music files, you can chat with new people and make friendships online. Ares gives you the option to join other channels or host your very own chat room.

Built in video player: A built in audio/ video player makes it possible to play music, while the download is in progress. Moreover, while using Ares you will be able to access online radio channels as well.

Powerful Organizer: Ares galaxy has a powerful organizer to store all your files in categories in the library section of the software. You can change the share settings and sort your files by type and category.


  • Lots of Music is available
  • Unique network
  • Very good download speed


  • There are some fake files
  • Some of the users are spammers


You can easily sit for many hours and spend your type searching for the music of your choice while downloading the files at great speed. One feature, which makes Ares extremely efficient, is the fact that it is built on its own protocol and network. This network is called Ares as well. You also tend to be reminded of software programs such as LimeWire while using the user interface of Ares.


System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista


Last updated:

2016-02-06 19:24:19


Seekar Ltd.


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File size:

4.27 MB





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